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Our Way Forward is designed to serve our Wake Forest community by providing timely information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about living at Wake Forest during the pandemic.

Here you will find our current operating status and dashboard information, which shares how our community is contending with COVID-19. The site also has FAQs on key topics, University policies and a log of COVID-related communications.

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Spring 2022 protocols

Wake Forest remains committed to both safeguarding the health and wellness of our campus community and providing a robust academic and student experience. In consultation with experts, we continue to monitor public health conditions and the potential impacts on our congregate living and learning environment.

Protocols for the spring semester have been shared in two emails:

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Vaccinations & boosters: Learn more about vaccines and boosters, where you can get them and how to let Wake Forest know you’ve received them here »

COVID-19 exposure or positive test: Protocols for faculty, staff and students are detailed on the quarantine and isolation page. Also, see these decision trees:

What to do if you are sick: Monitor your health daily using the self-screening tool from Student Health Service.  Additionally, students should refer to this post on who to contact after a known COVID-19 exposure or positive test.

Mental Health & Wellbeing: If you (or anyone you care about) are struggling with the effects of the pandemic, please know that you are not alone. Help is here, and it’s here for you.

January 2022 Indoor Event Protocols

Wake Forest implemented new protocols to govern University-sponsored events. Find out more »

Spring 2022 Face Covering Protocols

  • Face masks are required indoors. This policy is in line with Winston-Salem’s continuing city-wide indoor mask mandate, and increased efforts will be made to monitor and enforce the mandate in buildings on campus, including public spaces, study areas and hallways in academic and administrative buildings.
  • Face masks are highly effective at preventing transmission, and compliance is especially important given the increased transmissibility of the Omicron variant.
  • To mitigate transmission, medical experts advise face masks be correctly fitted, leaving no gaps around the sides of the face or nose.
  • Wearing a cloth face mask with a disposable mask is advised in indoor environments, especially with groups of unknown vaccination status. Bandanas and gaiters are not acceptable at Wake Forest.
  • The KN95 disposable face masks are also recommended.
  • Wake Forest encourages all faculty, staff and students to review CDC guidance and stock up on their personal supplies of appropriate protective masks before the start of the semester.