Affiliate Partner Compliance

Wake Forest University engages the services of affiliated partners in critical areas of campus operations such as dining and catering services, machinery and utility maintenance, bookstore operations, and custodial services. To help promote the health and wellbeing of all those living and working within our campus community, the university has worked to ensure that affiliate partner colleagues: 

  1. maintain compliance with important safety policies and guidelines, 
  2. have access to COVID-19 testing and health care if they become ill, and
  3. are seamlessly incorporated into the university’s contact tracing and space cleaning process. 

COVID-19 Policy and Guidelines Compliance 

In preparation for a fall return to campus, colleagues across Athletics, Facilities and Campus Services, Hospitality and Auxiliary Services, Human Resources, and Student Health Service completed an affiliate partner policy gap analysis of the five affiliate groups on campus. This process identified 12 key Wake Forest COVID-19 policies and/or processes and reviewed the corresponding policy for each affiliate partner to ensure critical safety guidelines were incorporated. 

(See the At a Glance: Affiliate Partner Policy Analysis chart below.)

COVID-19 Testing and Health Care

The services of affiliate groups are contracted by the university; those groups retain their own Human Resources departments and health care benefit offerings. Each affiliate group is currently implementing a daily screening policy to monitor the health of their employees and to quickly identify those who may need to quarantine or receive a COVID-19 test and positive test results and close contacts are reported to the university as part of their protocols. Because our affiliate partners are not employed by the university, they do not use the Faculty and Staff Clinic. Affiliate partners who begin to exhibit symptoms should immediately report symptoms using their specific incident reporting symptom and seek medical care from their primary care physician. Additionally, the broader Winston-Salem community also has access to no cost COVID-19 testing provided by Forsyth County. 

Contact Tracing and Space Cleaning

In the event that an affiliated colleague does test positive for COVID-19, the Wake Forest administration is informed and potential faculty, staff, and student close contacts are reporting to the Faculty and Staff Clinic for contact tracing. If necessary, space cleaning is immediately completed in the same way it would be if a Wake Forest employee or student had tested posted. 

WFU Policy Harvest Table Follett Budd RSES Spectra
Access to Telehealth Not provided
Daily Screening
Employee Exposure
Face Coverings
Health / Safety Guidelines
Infection Control
Isolation / Quarantine
Mandatory Flu Vaccine Optional Optional Optional Pending
Sick and Care Leave No additional paid leave
Travel Restrictions No restrictions No restrictions
Vehicle Cleaning
Vulnerable Populations No policy Pending

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about the information provided here, we invite you to reach out to Human Resources at or (336) 758-4700.