Faculty & Staff Compliance

As part of our Wake Forest community, it is important for our faculty and staff to Show Humanitate by understanding how to keep our campus safe and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. To aid in this effort, all faculty and staff are required to complete the following four compliance tasks. 

If you think you have received a non-compliance message in error, please complete our compliance form so we can work to quickly remedy this discrepancy. 

COVID-19 Policy Review and Acknowledgment

To complete the acknowledgment, log into Workday and click on the Inbox icon in the top right corner of your screen. Click the COVID-19 Policy Review and Acknowledgment Task in your Workday inbox on the left side of your screen to view, then read and acknowledge the policy overviews provided, and submit your acknowledgement.

  • Due Date: August 25, 2020, or prior to returning to on-site work
  • Exemption: No exemption is available for this task.

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COVID-19 Education Module

To complete the education module, visit go.wfu.edu/covid19education. This task should take less than 20 minutes to complete and at the end of the module you will be directed to a Google Form to acknowledge completion.

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SneezSafe Daily Wellness Screening

To register for the daily wellness screening, visit survey.sneezsafe.com and register using the employee registration code “WF1” and your employee ID number (listed on your Deacon OneCard). Complete the wellness screening each day, including days you do not work and weekends. Learn more about SneezSafe on Our Way Forward.

  • Policy: COVID-19 Wellness Screening Policy
  • Due Date: August 25, 2020, or prior to returning to on-site work
  • Exemption: Colleagues who are working remotely and will not come to any Wake Forest campus or property while the policy is in effect may request an exemption.
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Mandatory Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot)

To document your influenza vaccination (flu shot), either attend a WFU-sponsored flu shot clinic or visit your primary care provider or local pharmacy. Visit hr.wfu.edu/flu-shots for instructions on submitting documentation.

  • Policy: Mandatory Influenza Vaccine Policy
  • Due Date: December 15, 2020, or prior to returning to on-site work
  • Exemption: Colleagues may request a medical (with documentation), religious, or off-site exemption (if working off-site until April 1, 2021).
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Non-Compliance Actions
Colleagues who do not complete these tasks in a timely manner will be considered to be non-compliant with university COVID-19 policies. Their supervisor will be informed and their Deacon OneCard access will be temporarily revoked until they complete these requirements.

Compliance FAQs
A set of frequently asked questions about compliance are available on  Our Way Forward.

If you have questions about or are having trouble completing these tasks, please contact Human Resources at (336) 758-4700 or askHR@nullwfu.edu.

Affiliate Partner Compliance
To help promote the health and wellbeing of all those living and working within our campus community, the university has worked to ensure that affiliate partner colleagues:

  1. maintain compliance with important safety policies and guidelines,
  2. have access to COVID-19 testing and health care if they become ill, and
  3. are seamlessly incorporated into the university’s contact tracing and space cleaning process.

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