COVID-19 Guidance

The University is following U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance and the Wake Forest Incident Management Team is actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The ongoing priority of the University is the health and safety of our campus community.

Distance Working and Teaching

Wake Forest University has moved to a remote-working arrangement for all colleagues whose work can be performed remotely. All employees who are not designated to perform essential services, and whose work can be performed remotely, should work from home. While forms are customarily required to initiate remote work, they are being waived at this time. 

Goals and Objections: Continue to work toward the university and departmental goals that you were pursuing in your on-site work. 

Facility Operations: Deans and vice presidents responsible for overseeing the work taking place in campus facilities are responsible for determining the need for the facility to remain operational to support students, ongoing research, and business functions. 

Availability: Respond to email and phone calls in a timely manner. Maintain regular work hours; if child care or other needs require you to adjust your schedule, discuss with your manager.

Engagement: Continue to conduct your regular meetings and connect with teammates daily. Whenever possible, use video connections, instead of phone calls, for your meetings and avoid using email as your primary mode of communication. 

Pay, Time, and Attendance: Staff who work on-site to provide essential services and those who can work remotely should continue to record their work time as usual. 

Ask for Help: Wake Forest offers resources to help you connect with technology, but working from home can still be a challenge. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, check out these wellbeing resources available to all faculty and staff. 

Campus Access

Faculty and staff who have requested an exemption from completing the SneezSafe daily wellness screening and/or an off-site exemption from the Mandatory Influenza Vaccine Policy will have their Deacon OneCard access temporarily removed. To reinstate access, managers will need to verify the employee has completed the required compliance actions (listed in the sidebar to the right) and then complete the Restore Campus Access form on behalf of their employee.

View more information regarding required compliance actions for campus access. For questions regarding restoring campus access for affiliate, contingent, or contract workers; retirees; and guests please contact Human Resources at

Campus Access Checklist

Faculty and staff requesting Deacon OneCard access to be reinstated must complete the following compliance actions: 

  1. Complete the COVID-19 Education Module
  2. Complete the COVID-19 Policy Review and Acknowledgment
  3. Register for the SneezSafe Daily Wellness Screening
  4. Submit Mandatory Influenza Vaccine Documentation

Restore Campus Access

Workday Guidance

Any Human Resources transaction, including creating new job requisitions, position, salary increases, mobile stipends, allowance plans, job profile changes, or contract extensions that are initiated after April 8 must be reviewed and approved by the Provost or Executive Vice President, with input from the Budget Committee. The initiator should indicate this approval by adding the following to the Workday’s “Comments” field: 

“Approved by (Provost or Executive Vice President) for COVID-19 Event,” along with details about the business case for this transaction. 

Once the appropriate vetting process has occurred, the translation will continue in Workday, if approved. Visit the Financial Services website for important notices, contact details and answers to questions related to COVID-19 planning and response.