Guiding Principles

Watch President Hatch outline our guiding principles

“It is my commitment that together we will do the work — with care and critical thought — that will result in the best possible experience for our community …. We will do our utmost, with the information, resources and expertise that we have, to move ourselves from right now to what is next.” President Nathan Hatch

As we planned and prepare for our 2020-2021 operations, our approach has been shaped by these guiding principles:

  • The health of our faculty, staff, students and surrounding communities is our primary focus.
  • The excellence of our academic work is unyielding, and we will continue to pursue exceptional educational experiences and scholarship.
  • We are committed to honoring our core values as a caring, inclusive community that respects one another and honors the intrinsic value of every individual.
  • We are unwavering in our dedication to educating the whole person and upholding our commitment to Pro Humanitate.