January 2022 Indoor Event Protocols

Wake Forest implemented new protocols to govern University-sponsored events on December 29, 2021. These event protocols are effective January 10 and will remain in effect until further notice. The following is intended to provide clarity regarding these protocols to event organizers.


The current protocols are intended to avoid creating the conditions for a super spreader event to negatively impact the health of the University and surrounding communities. Normal academic and business operations of the University do not qualify as “events.” University buildings should continue to operate under existing COVID protocols. Intercollegiate athletics will be guided by separate protocols.


For the purposes of these protocols, “events” are loosely defined as gatherings of 15 or more people for 15 minutes or longer. These are not hard and fast figures, but “15×15” should serve as a guideline when determining if these protocols are relevant.

A “super spreader event” is loosely defined as a gathering of people that results in a greater amount of transmission than would be expected if the event had not occurred, whether on- or off-campus.


  • Masks must be worn indoors at all times
  • Speakers, presenters, performers, etc. may remove masks if they maintain at least 10’ of distance between themselves and their audience
  • Food and drink may not be served or consumed indoors; single-serve or individually wrapped food items may be provided at indoor events on a takeaway basis only, and may not be consumed as part of the event. Eating and drinking will be allowed on a limited basis based on a religious exemption. For information on how to request an exemption, contact the Chaplain’s Office.
  • Proof of vaccination and booster shots or a negative COVID-19 test must be presented prior to entry. Records do not need to be maintained and should not be emailed or sent digitally in advance of the event.
  • Originals, copies and digital images of CDC vaccination cards will be accepted. Guests do not need to provide additional identification
  • Negative results of PCR and rapid antigen tests taken within 48 hours prior to the event will be accepted. Photographs of home test results are acceptable when accompanied by an onsite attestation to the timeliness of the negative test result.
  • Patrons ages 12 and older will need to show proof of full vaccination or negative test within 48 hours of all indoor athletic events. Children ages 11 and under do not need to show proof of vaccination or negative test but must follow the mask mandate.
  • A Wake Forest ID will be accepted as proof of vaccination/booster or a negative test for current faculty, staff and students
  • Event patrons unable to produce proof of vaccination and booster shots or a negative COVID-19 test-should not be allowed entry.
  • When applicable, refunds for tickets or registration costs for individuals denied entry are at the discretion of the event organizers


Event organizers are responsible for communicating and enforcing all of the above protocols.