COVID-19 Policies

The following policies have been approved by Wake Forest’s COVID-19 Steering Committee. Answers to questions are also available on FAQ pages for students (Health of Community, Campus Life and Academics) and for faculty & staff.

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Note: Our COVID policies are intended for internal use, and our policies may change to address changing public health conditions. To avoid confusion, we prefer not to have Wake Forest documents copied and pasted on external websites or social media that we cannot update. Any student is free to read the policies and can explain them to their parents/families.

Compliance Reporting

Use the COVID-19 Health & Safety Compliance Form to report information related to the violations of University COVID-19 policies.

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Policies for students, faculty and staff

Policy NameCategorySummaryLink
University-wide Space Usage and PrioritizationSpace PlanningThe University-Wide Space Usage and Prioritization Policy establishes guidelines for prioritization of space reservations and space usage that support on-campus community needs (including classroom use across the College, dining use, and reserved study spaces). Revised 2021.03.14.Full Policy
COVID Education and TrainingPreventionStudents, staff, and faculty are required to review and follow guidelines within the education module: “COVID-19 Education and Training Module: Working Together to Protect our Wake Forest Community and Beyond.” Revised 2021-01-31.Full Policy
COVID Travel PolicyTravelThis policy requires pre-authorization for all Wake Forest-sponsored travel (international and domestic). Revised 2020.18.20.Full Policy
Wellness ScreeningPreventionAll members of the Wake Forest community (faculty, staff, and students) will be expected to complete a daily screening for symptoms and exposure to COVID-19. Revised 2020.08.20.Full Policy
Face CoveringPreventionAll members of the Wake Forest University community (faculty, staff, and students) must carry a face covering while on campus, and wear it in the presence of others. Revised 2021.03.14.Full Policy
Infection ControlPreventionIt is the responsibility of departmental managers to implement safe work practices as outlined in this policy in their respective departments to reduce the potential transmission of and exposure to COVID-19. It is the responsibility of employees to adhere to safe work practices.Full Policy
Visitor and Campus Access PolicyPreventionThis Visitor and Campus Access Policy sets forth the limitations and requirements for individuals to enter campus with the approval of a Dean, Director, or Department Head. Revised 2021.05.01. Full Policy
Campus Event PolicyPreventionThe guidelines in this policy are for all events using Wake Forest University facilities and does not apply to academic classes or academic events as defined by Policy 2.C.02 “University-Wide Space Usage and Prioritization” or to student activities as defined by “Policy 2.H.09 Health and Safety Measures for Student Activities”. Revised 2021.04.26.Full Policy
Protocols for Resumption of Research Activity Research Restart Guide v2.0PreventionThis Restart Guide is meant to help our researchers reduce their risk of COVID-19 infection and it is in line with COVID-19 workplace guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS).Full Policy
COVID-19 Student Data Compliance RequirementsPreventionThis policy is necessary to ensure the full lifecycle of a student’s change in residential address or learning modality is recorded and shared with necessary parties in a timely manner.Full Policy
Policy for Large Video ConferencesPreventionThis Policy is intended to outline a series of security and privacy best practices when planning and setting up large video conferences to avoid malicious attacks.Full Policy


Policies for students only

Policy NameCategorySummaryLink
Mandatory Student COVID-19 Vaccine PolicyPreventionThis policy applies to all Wake Forest University students (undergraduate, graduate and professional school) who reside in University housing, are enrolled in in-person classes, and/or who participate in any in-person activities on the Reynolda, Brookstown, Wake Downtown, and Charlotte campuses, and/or who participate in any Wake Forest-sponsored study abroad or study away programs.Full Policy
Isolation/Quarantine ProtocolPreventionThe purpose of this policy is to reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus from individuals with possible COVID-19 infection by separating individuals who are ill with or potentially exposed to COVID-19 per CDC guidelines. Revised Jan. 13, 2021.Full policy
Public Health Addendum to the Student Code of ConductPreventionThis addendum to the Student Code of Conduct is effective July 1, 2020 and will remain in effect until further notice. This applies to all undergraduate students.Full Addendum
Health ScreeningPreventionAll students to whom this Policy applies are expected to complete a daily screening for symptoms and/or exposure to COVID-19 as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Revised Jan. 13, 2021.Full Policy
Guide to Community Living: Public Health Emergency AddendumWellnessThis addendum to the Guide to Community Living is in response to the current public health emergency and is intended to increase education, safety, and accountability among students and student organizations. This addendum is effective August 1, 2020 and will remain in effect until further notice.Full Policy
Health and Safety Measures for Student ActivitiesPreventionThis Health and Safety Measures for Student Activities Policy applies to student events and gatherings such as student organization events, recruitment events, “getting to know you” events, information fairs, social events, and standard student organization weekly meetings. Revised 2021.03.14.Full Policy

Student COVID-19 Testing PolicyPreventionTesting asymptomatic individuals from a population, also known as surveillance testing, is an effective public health strategy to assist with the early identification and management of viral spread. Wake Forest University has established a mandatory COVID-19 testing program. Revised 2021.03.29.Full Policy
Recognized Student Organization Transportation Safety PolicyPreventionThis policy is intended as a guide to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 on chaptered student club and organization activities that necessitate transportation to off-campus sites. Full Policy


Policies for faculty & staff only

Policy NameCategorySummaryLink
Sick and Care LeaveWork Arrangements & LeaveShort-term paid leave will be given to a faculty or staff member when they are unable to work on-campus or remotely due to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and/or are under quarantine or isolation based on the recommendation of a healthcare provider or public health official. Updated 2021.01.05. Full Policy
Vulnerable EmployeesWork Arrangements & Leave
Some staff may be in a category based on age and/or severe underlying medical conditions that might increase their risk for severe illness from COVID-19. In an effort to support staff wellbeing, the university has established this policy.
Full Policy
Classroom Assignment PolicyClassroomTo accommodate priorities and varied course sizes during the COVID-19 pandemic, General-Use Classroom space will be centrally assigned within Wake Forest College by the Office of the University Registrar and shared across College departments.Full Policy
Standard Operating Procedure for Class Sessions Following Public Health GuidanceClassroomThis policy establishes in-person class session standard operating procedures for all Wake Forest University faculty, staff and students to ensure class sessions follow public health guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Revised January 13, 2021.Full Policy
Accommodation of Remote StudentsAcademicsFor remote students in locations where class meeting times would occur before 6 AM or after 10 PM in their local time zone, and where the course is not already fully asynchronous, faculty will provide a reasonable accommodation. This might include recorded synchronous sessions, additional or shifted class meeting times, special office hours, etc.Full Policy
Protocol for the Safe Return of Undergraduates to Mentored Research and Scholarship ActivitiesAcademicsThis document provides a set of guidelines for the re-integration of undergraduates into scholarly projects with Wake Forest faculty members (or their designates) in laboratories, studio spaces, offices, and other areas in which mentored scholarship may happen between faculty and the students of Wake Forest. Revised April 26, 2021.Full Policy
COVID-19 Temporary Delivery or Pick Up of Supplies PolicyPreventionTo support Faculty and Staff, Wake Forest University is allowing non-laboratory critical research-related and business-related purchases to be delivered to off-campus addresses (i.e., home or off-site offices) on a temporary basis.Full Policy
COVID-19 Employee Illness and Exposure PolicyPreventionTo protect the health and safety of the campus community, all faculty and staff must stay home from work, contact the Faculty and Staff Clinic, and inform their supervisor if they experience symptoms of COVID-19, test positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to COVID-19. Revised 2021.02.26.Full policy