Prevention Behaviors & Expectations of Students

All students are expected to follow the COVID-19 policies identified below and as presented on the Our Way Forward website. You must be logged in with your Wake Forest credentials to view the full policies:

1. Students, staff, and faculty are required to review and follow guidelines within the education module: “COVID-19 Education and Training Module: Working Together to Protect our Wake Forest Community and Beyond.” Full Policy

2. All members of the Wake Forest community (students, faculty, and staff) who reside, work, or participate in programs or activities on campus are expected to complete a daily screening for symptoms and exposure to COVID-19, per recommendations of the CDC and local public health officials. Students, faculty, and staff should use the wellness screening survey made available by the university. Full Policy

3. All members of the Wake Forest University community (students, faculty, and staff) must carry a cloth face covering while on campus. Face coverings must be worn when in the presence of others, particularly when a distance of 6 feet between individuals cannot be maintained. Face coverings must be worn at all times when indoors, except when individuals are on break where they can maintain 6 feet of distance from others or when alone in a private office or room. Face coverings will be required in classrooms even when 6 feet of distance can be maintained and in dining facilities except when actively eating or drinking. Face coverings must also be worn outdoors while on campus when 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained. Full Policy

4. All members of the community must get a seasonal flu shot. Universal immunization against influenza during the COVID-19 era will help to reduce the burden on and resources of the healthcare systems on and off campus. While influenza itself does not directly affect the transmission of COVID-19, an outbreak of influenza could significantly reduce the University’s ability to address COVID-19 as these infections are anticipated to occur simultaneously. Full Policy

5. The University COVID-19 Travel Policy requires pre-authorization for all Wake Forest-sponsored travel (international and domestic). All non-essential university travel is suspended. Only Essential Travel may be considered for approval. Personal travel is highly discouraged for the safety of the community. For students, this includes travel for club sports, student organizations, debate and other academic program travel, internships and practicums, service-learning opportunities. Full Policy

6. The Access Control Policy for students is meant to regulate student access to Wake Forest University property during the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure that students are aware of their responsibilities. Access to university buildings is a privilege, not a right, and implies user responsibilities, accountability, and adherence to public health guidance and policies for the good of the campus community. Full policy

7. The Undergraduate Student Testing and Self-Quarantine Policy applies to all undergraduate students who will be residing in University housing or accessing campus. This Policy requires undergraduate students to whom the policy applies to comply with the following requirements prior to returning to campus: pre-arrival testing; self-quarantine and daily symptom screening. Full policy

8. Student organizations and groups will have policies and expectations to maintain a safe environment when they are active. These expectations will provide specific instructions for planning events and meetings, and attendance guidelines restricting the size of social events and gatherings.